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Polish-german projects

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Surrounded by a beautiful landscape with forests and lakes “Camp Rodowo” has functioned as an international youth meeting center for many years.

Against this background we, the “Rodowo Foundation”, are constantly trying to form new partnerships and to come up with new ideas for our projects. However, at the same time we are proud that we can rely on our existing connections and that many projects are taking place regularly.

Our annual projects are:
• Polish-German tandem course (annually in March and September)
• the Polish-German-Russian history seminar (annually in Spring)
• the tri-national workcamp for young people (annually in Summer)

Other projects that take place regularly are:
• workshops on art, music, dancing and theatre
• youth exchange projects between Polish and German schools
• training sessions for members of international youth exchange organisations
• various tri-national projects.

If you are interested in our program and you would like to participate or even create a project together with us, please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it