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'Rodowo' Foundation

The „Rodowo” Foundation is trying to support the evolution of international coorporation and contacts, the european integration process, the understanding of democracy and a responsible society. It provides the basic needs for contact-making and establishing interhuman relations across borders of nationalities, religions and races. As a non-governmental organisation (NGO) the foundation is apolitical and defines its goals and methods for realization completely independently. The foundation “Rodowo” is a center of the German-Polish Youthwork.

Main goals of the foundation:

  • support of international youth exchange
  • culturally enlightening and educating activities: support of initiatives, concerning culture and young people
  • non-formal education for young people and further education for adults
  • support of the active local and regional employment politics: support of social risk parties and unemployed, especially unemployed teenagers
  • support of local and social initiatives, serving the economical and sociological development of the region
  • support of NGOs and the public sector

To reach those goals, the foundation applies itself in the following tasks:

  • realisation of international youth projects in Poland and abroad
  • realisation of local, regional, european and international voluntary projects
  • organisation of cultural events and happenings
  • actions for national minorities
  • editory tasks: bulletins, newpapers, magazines, theme books and other
  • leading of a non-school educatory center
  • realisation of different forms of non-formal education for youths, citizens and ecological education
  • non-formal education in the sectors culture heritage in the multinational region Warmia-Masuria/former East Prussia
  • support of active recovering of children and youths
  • education in foreign languages
  • realising trainings, adult education, especially for unemployed and people from disadvantaged people
  • realisation of job-related exchange projects, traineeships and educations
  • founding and leading of centers for youth carreers and volunteer service
  • founding and leading a center for social integration
  • support for equalisation of men and women
  • trainings, information and consulting for the non-governmental and public sector
  • information about freedom, human rights and civil liberty
  • working on fortification and development of democracy
  • cooperation with persons, public and foreign institutions whose aims overlap with the foundation’s aims

The foundation continues work, that the international youth meeting center „Camp Rodowo“ started, e.g. the direction of further restaurating and additions at the youth meeting center and education house “Camp Rodowo”, in which most of its activities take place. The foundation organises a lot of projects for youths, studens and volunteers, workshops, seminars on workcamps to various topics, language courses, trainings for multiplicators and leaders in international youth exchange, international placements, and contact seminars in coorperation with partner organisations from Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary and Belarus.
A special eye the foundation has on projects about environmental protection and nature. The name of the foundation as also the youth meeting center roots in a small village in the heart of Masuria. Within a multinational region and cultural treasures as much as a very selective past.

The foundation “Rodowo” is a not-profit organisation. All activities that are manifested in the statute is only possible due to independent economics and especially to some purposeful donations for certain projects.

Most of our projects are worked out and co-financed by following organisations: