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Wolontariusze długoterminowi 2012 r.

Supported by the program Youth In Action

Nadja Sieffert

German volunteer. She enjoys talking to people of different countries, trying to remember how to speak their languages :). She likes to be outside and lie in the sun, if it comes out (sometimes). She loves to travel, to learn about other cultures, to make new experiences and to take part in projects which deal with stereotypical prejudices.

Stefanie Buß

She always likes living in different places to find out something more about herself. After having stayed in various cities in Poland, Mazury will be a new experience. This area seems to offer great opportunities for young people to learn something while having a good time. She will try to share her musical and artistic skills with the people who come here. She is curious how work life in this camp is like where people from different places come together .

Marie Wagnon

French volunteer. She is a small person who likes laughing, travelling, meeting people and eating too. She decided to make an EVS to improve her English, take a break in her studies and to reflect about what she wants to do in her life. Rodowo seems to be the perfect place to do that… and it isn’t so cold ! :).

Darya Rodnianko

Her name is Darya, she is 21-year old student from Minsk, Belarus and it's her first experience of volunteering. She choose Rodowo because Poland has much in common in traditions, food and language with Belarus and she also liked the kind of activities she had to do there-dealing with  absolutely different people of different ages, international communication, practicing language skills and every day learning something new, great experience of living for months with people of different nationalities, Darya enjoys travelling a lot, doing sports like tennis, volleyball and basketball, reading, especially classical Russian literature, appreciate picturesque sceneries a lot and loves ancient cities that have a great history, she works as a photographer and she is also studying painting.

Nina Schel

She came to Rodowo from Isselburg a small village in Germany next to the border of the Netherlands and is studying „Tourism- and Event management” in a private school in Hannover. Her hobbies are travelling and speaking different languages like German, English, Spanish and now also Polish! :). She's a positive person and loves to make other people laugh – she also likes to dance and to get to know new people.

Ridvan Kurt

Turkish volunteer. He studied Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department Of Business Administration. He came here to get to know other cultures and to meet a lot of different people. He likes to learn other languages.  His hobbies are listening music, travelling, reading ...

Morgan Pattou

He's 27 years old. He comes from Lille, in the North of France. His favourite interests are music, sports, ecology and travelling. He likes to meet other people and learn about them, their culture and knowledge; that's why he was already doing a Voluntary Civil Service (2008) and an EVS in China (2012). It has been his best experiences until now, and there's no doubt that Rodowo Camp will also be a part of it! There, he would like also to take this new opportunity to think about what he wants to do in his life and improve his English level.

Nils Gau

German volunteer. He is interested in the Polish culture and he wants to meet people from all over the world to make new friends. Furthermore he likes to do sports like field hockey, football, running etc. Also he wants to improve his English skills and to work in an international team.

Alesya Ostrovskaya

Belarusian volunteer. She studied Intercultural Communication and Public Relations at Minsk State Linguistic University. She decided to participate in the EVS project to improve her personal, educational and professional skills. Her hobbies are making new experience in different areas, travelling, improving English and German language communication skills. Moreover she is keen on radio and her dream is to become a talk radio host in future.

Banu Gün

She is from Turkey.  She loves playing the violin and listening to different kinds of music (rock’n roll, blues, etc.). She also likes watching documentaries. Banu adores adventure and nature. She is a biologist. She is interested in Sumerians. Her slogan is ‘Catch the positive energy of the universe’.


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