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Long term volunteers 2011


Alicia Martin

Volunteer from the UK, Sheffield. She has found the Polish language hard to learn at first but is enjoying the experience. Loves the amazing food made here.


Anja de Cunto

A "Mittel Europaische" genealogy mixed with the deep south of Italy. She loves animals, beeing outside, history and politics,reading and travelling, but among all this loves there is that for the European Union, that she would like to explore  in greater depth.

Mathilde Leman

French volunteer. I like to listen and play music (violin, piano, accordion, pan flute). I want to travel and discover a lot of different people and culture. I want to learn other languages for be able to discuss with all the people I meet.   I want also learn about me and maybe finding a new vocation (I studied physics and engineering in industry production).

Adrien van de Walle

‘Ch'ti guy’, languages addict, with or without sleeping, but always with his cap. He likes nature, to make music with everything, a bit sport, and especially help people without reason!

Courtney Williams

Comes from Wales. Amateur of outdoor activities, spellbounded by Masurian landscapes. As she says "the best thing in Rodowo is meeting people from whole Europe and learning new things from them".

Linda Massino

Linda came to Rodowo from Berlin. She likes traveling and getting in touch with different people from different countries.


Volunteers from the previous years:

2010 2009