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„A3 - August Art Animation” (8-19.08.2010)

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From the 8th to the 19th of August 2010, 24 young people between 18 and 25 years old gathered in Camp Rodowo. This group was coming from Poland, Hungary and Turkey to take part in the project “A3 – August Art Animation”. The aim of the project was to strengthen the European integration through artistic activities, including theatrical, photographic – video and musical workshops.

Thanks to the help of two professional instructors, they had the opportunity to improve their knowledge about these artistic activities. During these ten days of workshops some people have been playing a „character” while the others had been recording them and taking pictures. Then they gathered in order to learn how to cut pieces of the movies, put together the pictures and the movie, as well as creating some effects. The result of their work was a movie composed of the pictures and videos they took about these „actors”, as well as a music performance in order to record a soundtrack for the final video.

During these ten days they also integrate with people from the other countries. Thanks to the three national evenings (Hungarian, Polish and Turkish) they had the opportunity to share their culture and their culinary specialties with others, as well as to learn more about the countries they maybe didn't know before coming in the camp. In the program were also some intercultural activities, like language animation, integration games, workshop about tolerance,…  The participants also enjoyed to go to a canoe trip, as well as to an excursion in Święta Lipka, Wilczy Szaniec and Mrągowo.

The project ended on the 18th of August with a common happening in Olsztyn, where the youngsters showed to the local audience the result of their work. They have been warmly congratulated by the people present this day.

The next day all the participants left, sad to go, but satisfied about the project, which enabled them to meet people from different countries and to learn more about theater, photography and music.