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The Polish, German, Lithuanian, Belarussian, Ukrainian and Russian remembrance of the time
between 1.9. 1939 - 22.6. 1941 is the topic of our international history seminar in Rodowo
from 6.-12. June.Participants are students between 18-30 from Poland, Germany, Lithuania,
Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.The focus is on the collective remebrance of the participating nations
as well as on the autobiographic remembrance of individual, "common" people who have lived in Poland
as it was on the 1.9. 1939 and who experienced the period of (German and Soviet) occupation.

Our Aims are:

*  we want to provide a peaceful forum for different “stories” and “histories” where we can share our different interpretations on the topic: Remembrance of 1.9.1939 – 22.6.1941 in East Middle Europe

*  we want to present and compare different national (collective) perspectives (recognizing that various perspectives can enrich our perception of history). “Often, the memory of one nation contradicts that of another. If these disparities are recognized and understood, the historical awareness of each society is enriched.”

*  we want to present and compare different individual perspectives

*  we want to do research behind clichés

*  we want to start an open dialog about our common history

*  we want to bring about international understanding between nations

*  Result = of course no common remembrance, but a new consciousness, new openness

Remembrance is often painful, but Reconciliation always starts with remembrance.

Workshops schedule