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Wolontariusze długoterminowi 2009 r.

Supported by the program Youth In Action

Matthieu Belle
France. Matt was a short-term volunteer in Rodowo last year, now he is back for the long-term service. Very sociable and friendly person, keen on literature. He wants to develop himself in working with groups, to help the youth in integration and one of his biggest dream is to speak Polish fluently.

Camille Guillot
France. She wants to employ her energy in an associative project, and as the same time discover other people and other cultures. I'm concerned about European values and youth commitment in social life. Camille would like to work with others, share ideas and skills and also curious to learn Polish language!

Dominik Dobele
Germany. Educated businessman. He is interested in foreign countries and keen on karate. Dominik likes reading fantasy and science fiction books, can dance tango and rumba. The reason to choose EVS was the interest to Polish culture and language, the possibility of meeting new interesting people. Dominik likes outside work and with a pleasure would make excursions with the participants.


Valentin Brandau
Valentin is the hardest worker in Rodowo. He is everywhere all the time, nobody can do so many things as he can. Valentin is a real polyglot- he speaks German, English, French, Italian and studying Polish successfully. This volunteer came here to find himself in a life, to choose the correct way to go, to decide what he will study after. Valentine is real gentlemen. He plays cello at orchestra. For him it is a bit hard to live without German black bread. He is very impressed by the lake and can spent there a lot of time: running along, swimming, laying at the shore, reading, thinking.
Joel Hyvärinen
Joel came for EVS to get experience in communication with young people, cause in his hometown there is no such possibility. He is very friendly and open to everyone. If u need some help just call his name and your problems will disappear. The only one thing he misses here is his big family, but here he found a new one for him as one Rodowo family. Joel likes playing grass hockey and soccer, also he is a great swimmer. He really enjoys his staying here, because he can spend a lot of time outdoors.


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